Tyre belt


velo-re tyre belt Recognize these ? I have now found a use for the “wonderful” Dahon Special Edition Schwalbe Stelvio tyres, a belt !

My friend Bettina of velo-re.com fame, got the tyres and turned them into belts, of which I got one. Pretty much the only use I have for these “great” tyres after only 1800’ish miles.

Bettina and velo-re take old bicycle tyres and inner tubes and turn them into belts, wallet and bags. Velo-re have just started to use inner tubes as belts too – they’re rather funky.

Velo-re not a bad place to retyre (see what I did there, ok getting my coat) your old tyres into something useful.

LINK : velo-re.com – We make belts from recycled bicycle tyres, inner tube and assorted stuff…


  1. Having bought two new tyres this week, I would say a lot of my wallet went into them, so getting a wallet or belt out is just getting even. Sounds like agreat idea, though, and I wish I could get a flat ;-)


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