Keen Taos sandals


keen taos sandalsMy at least five years old Keen Taos (now called Arroyo II) sandals are still going strong. Though well knackered after heavy use in a all weathers and terrain. Used them for commuting, just walking about it and even a hiking up to 2400 meters in the Pyrenees.

I simply love the Keen sandals, breath well, gives you a funny tan line on your feet and very comfortable to walk in. But it is time to get some new sandals.

So I put in an order for some Keen Commuters to take over after my well worn Lake I/O sandals, I hope that size 11 would be enough. Since every where I read say that the Commuters are a bit narrower compared to other Keen sandals.

And I also ordered a pair of Keen Newport H2 to take over from my retired Taos.


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