Cycling on "drugs"


cycling drugs ice creamI’m totally against using drugs while cycling, though I do take them myself. I wrote about eating in my last post and how much it does help us up and over the various hill we encounter. But sometimes you just need that little extra thing.

Bananas: Just because they contain anti cramping agents aka potassium. And is not to sweet and just help with the fuelling of your legs. Pack it in with some peanut butter and jam in a sandwich and use it to nibble on while riding.

Chocolate bars: Plain chocolate, with nuts or fancy energy bars with chocolate is a great way to graze your way a ride.

Jelly babies: Simply the best little snack to keep the hunger/bonking at bay and will keep you legs turning that extra mile.

Carbonated drinks: I can’t normally drink this stuff, but for some reason I can drink Irn-Bru. It is as sweet if not sweeter than many other drinks, as an alternative to water or energy drinks.

Chocolate Drink: Especially the Danish one called Matilde Kakao Milk I have defined as the EPO of our drug intake while cycling. If you can feel you are running on empty but it is not time for a slap up meal or rest, drinking one of these will get you back on track. Plenty of fuel in there and will get you home.

cycling drugs ice creamFlapjacks: Now this drug has many disguises and yet not really a drug as such more fuel. These range from my favourite ones with a layer of chocolate on top with peanut butter within, over to the ones that has fruits inside.

Cake: Probably the most dangerous “drug” of them all as an cyclist will find it nigh impossible to say no to a slice. Any elevenses or tea stop is not really an a stop without cake. And I’m a firm believer that that extra slice does not hurt if you are cycling.

Ice cream: Well what can I say, the pieces de la resistance, NEVER ever let a chance for ice cream go you by.


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