Blue bells


bluebellsWe got up and ate our left overs, since we ran out of gas yesterday, packed up and left the wonderful campsite. Since the station was only one-two miles away from the campsite we asked the proprietor if there was a little loop we could do to get some miles in our legs plus to kill some time before departure of the train.

He sent us on a nice little loop around the Weir Wood Reservoir to Forest Row and then onto East Grinstead. We stopped at the reservoir and had a look at the blue bells in full bloom before we headed onto The Swan in Forest Row. We had picked the right pub as we were greeted by smiles by five other cyclist. Who at first was very impressed by our bicycles and was very keen to know how far we had come and where we where heading with all that gear.

bluebellsThem : How far have you come today ? Us : From a campsite outside East Grinstead.
Them : How far do you have to go today ? Us : To the train station in East Grinstead, was our answer to much amusement.
Them : And you are all ready, time was now 11:30, stopping for a pint! Us : erm yeah :)

They laughed at us but they told us to take the disused railway line which now is a cycle way all the way to East Grinstead and off the A road.

After a good old fry up, some tea for Peli and pint for me we headed out again for our massive journey of three miles :) We arrived at the station and found out that our tickets were open so we added another four’ish miles to our journey and got on the train in Lingfield just as the rain started to fall.

cycle track near east grinsteadMore pictures here than you can shake a stick at and read about how we got here.


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