Bike Touring Basics: A Free eBook


travelling two bike touring basics a free ebookThe TravellingTwo have just written a free eBook about the basic touring.

I have just signed up for their news letter and read their first eBook. It is well written and gives you plenty food for thought even for somewhat seasoned cycle tourer. If you are a newbie to the cycling touring world this is a must read, you will get plenty of links, pointers and ideas of what it is all about.

I’m looking forward to their next eBook.

From today, you can get the answers to these and many more questions in our new Bike Touring Basics eBook. It’s taken us many weeks of work but we think you’ll agree, the final result looks great.

It’s 60 pages of advice, tips and inspiration, drawn from our own bike touring experience and put together with photos, quotes and contributions from across the bike touring community.

In the book, you’ll learn about:

* Why bike touring is so much fun
* How to save money for a tour
* How to pick out a destination and a route
* Training before you leave
* What bike to buy
* The basic gear (sleeping mats, tents, bike accessories)
* Finding the pace that’s right for you
* Where to sleep
* Managing Money

And more!

LINK : Bike Touring Basics: A Free eBook


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