A final review of the Lake I/O SDL


Lake i/o sdl sandals strap brokenWell not really, since I will go back to them any time. I got the Lake I/O SDL last year in May simply because I could get them where as As you can see they are well worn down from all the walking. Though last month I did feel a difference in the sandal in how they were clipped in and I was at first worried that it was my new eggbeaters falling apart on me again. I checked the pedals and found them ok, then I checked the cleats only find a crack in the sole of the sandals, just below the cleat.

Both sandals have the crack but it is the left sandal that has the biggest crack. Probably because I clip in and out with that foot much more than the right on my daily commute.

I have used them throughout the winter with a pair of winter socks and some over shoes and they have been warm enough down to a -5c. The soles are much more insulating that the Shimano shoes I had the winter before, as I wasn’t frozen in them as I was when walking/standing on cold pavement as I was in the Shimano’s.

The only two gripes I have with the Lake I/O SDL sandals are:

– They are very warm, the material don’t breath that well. So in the summer I had to wear socks with them, well I’m in the UK so I fit right in :) Simply because you will sweat very easily in them and you will soon have a lake in your Lakes.

– The straps are very long and it is a bit of a hassle to tuck them in every time you wear the sandals, because if you don’t your chain and chain set will eat them faster than you can say, bon appetit.


I would happily go back to these again, they felt comfortable from the word go and still are. Because of my job I do go through shoes fast and they get USED heavily in all weathers. I would give them four and a half to five oinks, five if they were more breathable.

LINK: Lake I/O SDL cycling sandals

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