Route planning with Google


Google Street View PegmanWe are about to go on a small tour of Wales and England this weekend. Taking the train from London to Abergavenny in Wales where we will stay at Pen-y-Dre Farm the first night. Then up and over the Gospel Pass to Hay-on-Wye, then over to the very nice Fforest Fields campsite near Hundred House. Then over and down the Golden Valley to Goodrich to camp at the YHA there. Then via Newent to Gloucester around 102 miles over 3 days.

So the last few days I have been studying the maps for a route we could take. I got a 4 miles to 1 inch (2.5km to 1cm – 1:2500,000) map that covers the whole of Wales and it is pretty good. We used it with great success when we last where in Wales hunting for Dragons. While planning the route Google map is brilliant since you can plot a route and if you don’t like it you just click and drag the route to where you want to go.

Since Google Street View is now nearly all over the UK it is very easy to see if your route will take you somewhere that can be done on a bicycle. The route we are taking has some sections that aren’t on our map, but since the Google Street View car did drive the route, I’m therefore very sure that we can do it too on our bicycles. Ok one thing that you can’t see on Google Street View is how steep the hill you are bound to ride up in Wales.

Or the weather, but one of these days I’m sure that the big G would have a camera everywhere and you can get a live feed. So that you don’t have to ride the route you can experience the “ride” from you sofa.

Naa I would rather ride it on my Surly Long Haul Trucker.


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