Map, always remember the map


So I’m sitting on the train to Cardiff, Wales. I just managed to get on the train after a mad dash across town. I left home with plenty of time to spare and pootled across town, hey it is a beautiful day in the smog.

Then it hit me, the map the f#beep#ing map. Yes we are armed with two good mobile phones with gps and google map. But where we are going in Wales I really don’t think there will be a good mobile cover.

So back I sprinted on my fully loaded touring bicycle. The Surly Long Haul Trucker ain’t the fastest of things unloaded so I was glad that I had a tail wind back to the flat. but that just ment that I had to battle the wind to the train staion. Yes it is not that windy today in London town but you do feel it much more fully loaded.

I managed to throw my bicycle on the train, no time to lock it up, and run to the first and best carrage before the train took off. So I’m now looking out the windows every time we stop.

Now that my heart rate has come down to a normal rate, I figured that since I do have three or so hours spare in Wales I could just have bourght a new one, instead of knackering myself, d’oh.

Anywho, we will let you know if we see any dragons this time.

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