Ghostbusters or Father Merrin


puncture repair kitA few weeks ago I blogged about Ghost visitations and since then we have had more.

First it was my Surly LHT that had its back wheel playing up, then Peli’s Eva front wheel and now Tuesday night Pia was haunted.

Eva hasn’t been used for a while and as normal the tyres were a bit soft the front was a bit more than the back. So we pumped the tyres up to see if there was a visit and a few minutes later the front tyre was well soft. So Peli took out the inner tube and set upon fixing the one that was p*nct*red. As you do you pump the inner tube up and look, feel, smell and listen for air coming out but nothing. So Peli pumped it a bit more, nice and big now and still nothing to find, she then let it hang on the door while checking the tyre for cuts and splinters and then fitting the new inner tube. Two or so hours later nothing to see on the “supposed flat” inner tube, go figure.

Tuesday I dug out Pia my MTB come around the town commuter and because I haven’t used her for around 6 months the tyres were flat. So after a bit of exercise with the pump the tyres were at 110psi, some lube on the chain and the brakes checked over she as ready to ride again. As I was going to bed I gave the tyres a quick press and yup nice and hard still and ready for tomorrow’s ride. Got up in the AM and looked at the rear tyre and it was flat, bugger! The Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tyres that I’m using on her are to say the least a BUGGER to get on and off the rims. I think I have only taken them of two times before over the 4-5000 miles I have used them and every time I have sworn a lot and broken a few tyre levers. Inner tube out, check it over nothing, arrggh !! Looked around to find a spare inner tube couldn’t find any, put the inner back into the tyre. Road 12miles on her on Wednesday and have just checked the tyres good as new.

What the feck is going on ?

So the question is who to contact, Ghostbusters or Father Merrin to get this sorted once and for all.


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