Mental note to oneself


d'ohWhen you lock up your pride and joy, your new Surly Long Haul Trucker. With a heavy duty D-lock and some serious looking Street Cuffs to a massive Sheffield bicycle stand. Before you go to dinner in the local restaurant to have a enjoyable night out.

It is a good idea to put your keys back into your pocket before leaving your bicycles. Instead of finding your keys laying on the ground next to your pride and joy after your dinner.

D’oh !

For some reason no one found the keys laying next to our bicycles even if it is a busy road at night. So it was a quite a bit of a phew moment there last night :)

I think the reason for me leaving the keys on the floor was that we got distracted by a, well let’s just say a rather eccentric Mr Wels from Hungary. Who started to tell us about his new invention for bicycle security, a electronic number plate for your bicycle, which could be tracked via GPS and gizmos attached to lamp post. Each user would get a certain amount of points and each time you broke the law you will get deducted points. He then went onto talking about a lady getting a lift from the UK to Denmark with the RAF, who was going to a welcome back party for the Danish Royal family after WWII. He then told us about his land he owned in Hungary and about a town that was named after him with 60.000 inhabitants. He then asked if we knew people at the Danish embassy in London, because if we did could we please tell them to help him claim back his land which he lost in Hungary after WWII. If not he would take steps toward the dismemberment of the European Union.

I think that is why I left my keys …


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