rainlegs protect your legs form the rain while cyclingI think the Rainlegs were created for horse riders but soon found its way to cycling and other outdoor activities. The first time I saw them, I honestly thought that it was a gimmick. Yet another thing someone was trying to flog to us cyclist with no real use. After talking with a few cycling friends and actually seeing them in use, I changed my mind.

Even the lure from wiggle and £7 didn’t get me to buy one of the denim coloured ones. We went for the bog standard black version on offer at nearly triple the price.

When they arrived they where nicely rolled up, which I still have to figure out how the heck that is done. As the kinda roll up into themselves and you close the “sausage” with the buttons that are in the top mess. This mess runs across your belly so that you don’t cook in them.

At closer inspection I found that some of the stitching were not as even or straight I would have liked. And some of the traps weren’t burned/cut neatly and started to run before I even had put it on. Some of the straps are clearly too big for the clasp they run through. I need to trim the straps and “burn” the ends to make sure that they don’t run any more. I wonder how the wear and tear will be on the too wide straps after a while.

rainlegs damage
The look of the way they have been put together, is a very rushed job which will just cause the Rainlegs to fall apart with normal use. I would have expected better quality for something that cost £25. But since we got them on offer and they have already saved our legs a few times they are well worth it. I do hope that they are still water proof even when the “waxing” on the back side have started to fall off.

That aside, they have earned themselves back even after a few uses. I have mainly used them in the cold weather we have had of late here in London. Where they have cut the wind away from your thighs, knees and your crotch. Yes they are not warm but they have kept the cold wind away from your body.

I have only used them once in the wet, well snowy slush that came down heavy at times. They really did the job of keeping my tights, knees and crotch dry. Getting wet legs and trousers is a killer to any cyclist in the cold, it takes all your heat energy away.

I can see that these Rainlegs will become part of my everyday cycling gear when touring and commuting. Since they pack down nice and small and easy to put on. Ok the first few times they are a bit of a fettle to get on but you soon figure it out.

The rain I mostly ride in is either a quick passing shower or I’m only commuting for 30min or less in continuous rain. And I never really get wet through just on the front of my legs which can be a pain if you arrive at work or at friends. I’m therefore sure that the Rainlegs with come into their own when I cycle in the wet since they cover exactly the bits that get wet in these conditions.

Rating :

Only between tree and four oinks because the lack of quality when put together.

Just one word of warning, take care when stepping of your bicycle. The Rainlegs are easy to get hooked on your saddle and have caused some comedy moments for us already.

LINK : Rainlegs

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