Neglected Brooks saddles


neglected brooks B66 and team proI was at a friends place today helping him out with some computer problems, as payment I got two rather knackered looking Brooks saddles. My friend have found them on dumped bicycles or on bicycles left outside to rot. He was thinking that he could use them for a wee bit of art work and have now painted them black. But then figured out after I said that I was looking for a new saddle that I might have some use for them if I could save them.

After a little clicking around on the Brooks website I think I figured out that they are a B66 and a Team Pro.

The B66, is the most knackered one, the steal railings looks ok with a bit of rust and dirt here and there. Though the leather is dead, looks very brittle and cracked up, therefore I don’t think the leather can be saved.

The Team Pro, looks like it can be revitalised if I can get the pain off without damaging the saddle. It does have some scrapes and looks a bit rough but I think some proofide would do some wonders. The tightening screw looks in a bit knackers but some cleaning and oiling it should be good as new.

The good news is that I’m going to the Brooks factory in Birmingham on Friday for a tour. I will take the two saddles with me to see their expert opinion if they can be saved.


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