5,915.65 miles for 2009


cycling in CroatiaStella, the fixie : 809.15
Dirty Pia, old MTB : 2,199.51
Chutney, Dahon Speed Pro TT : 343.03
Tank, Long Hall Trucker : 2,564.0

A grand total of 5,915.65 miles for me last year and 2564 of them were done on my new touring bicycle only had it for five months. It just seems like I can’t get off that Long Haul Trucker. I do need to get onto my other bicycles not just to remove the cobwebs but also because I do enjoy riding them.

Though I’m 1000 miles down on the target I had set for the year. The reason for that is that I’m working weekends and therefore not out cycling. Hopefully that will change this year, with some more rides with my wonderful riding partner Peli.

Last year took us to Scotland (Grand tour of Edinburgh) , Wales (3 wet days loop), Surrey Hills (3 days tour with TEA), Isle of Wight (one small wet ride), Pyrenees (more up hills than you can shake a stick at) and Denmark (flatter than flat rides) and a few more day trips and pootles here and there.

I wonder where this year will take us ?

Happy riding all.

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