Let them eat cake!


Peanut coholate cakeApart from my day job I’m also a professional cake eater guinea pig connoisseur. I’m very lucky to have a superb partner who is a whiz in the kitchen and her cake baking skills are unbeatable.

As a keen cyclist I need to eat proper cycling food and as any cyclist would tell you, cake is just above flapjacks in the food pyramid for a cyclist.

Over the last few weeks, she have been busy in the kitchen, nono it doesn’t take that long to bake a cake, though it sometimes feel like that when you can smell the cake in the oven. I kinda lost count of how many cakes my personal cake baker have now knocked up.

But here is a few I can remember …

Beetroot chocolate cake, is much more nummy than what it sound and it had crunchy bits too. And as I’m typing this I’m enjoying a scrumptious slice of one she have just pulled out the oven.

Lemon cake, can’t remember more about it other than I truly enjoyed it.

Peanut chocolate cake, see pictures on the left, that was nooom and my mouth is running just by looking at the pictures.

flapjacks and teaOh yeah then there was the flap jacks, which just hit the spot

Thank you very much my lovely cake baker Peliroja .

An other slice of cake, don’t mind if I do and I’m allowed since I’m a cyclist :)

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