dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling Jacket


dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling JacketI got the dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling Jacket a few weeks back and as sods law is, I didn’t get to use it in anger before yesterday. 25 miles ride in solid drizzle with a heavy shower thrown in for good measure. What can I say it did what it said on the tin, e.g it was waterproof.

Waterproof, tick
Warm, no tick

The ride was done in, 3-4c with a cold eastern wind, which we rode right into for the first half of the ride. I only had an merino wool base layer and a cycling t-shirt underneath. So I was cold when standing still, but as son as I cycled I kept myself warm without sweating, though I was a bit nippy. The water was coming of the jacket just like water of a ducks back.

I’m 6’4″ so I have the XXL to make sure I got long enough arms and that I can have a thick fleece under it. Since I will be standing around in the rain for a few hours at the time. The cut is great long arms and a tall neck so that you get water running down your neck while riding. Though I’m not too sure about the “short” sides, yes they make the jackets sit nicely on you while riding. But your t-shirts or other top will stick out so you have to tuck them in first or else they get wet. And if you use the waist strap the long back which covers your back nicely will start crawling up, so not good.

It is a very good jacket and I know I will be dry in it even on long wet rides, I just have to learn how to dress under it to make sure that I don’t cook while riding and not freeze when of the bicycle.

There is also two reflective strips on the your hips and two on the lower arms which do stand on out when light is shined on them. And a dhb on the neck which don’t think would be seen that much, especially if you are carrying a backpack.


Very light and can be packed up fairly small. Between 4 and 5 oinks since the cut on the sides which will annoy me for sure, since I don’t tuck in my t-shirts into my trousers.

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