Tubus Pannier Racks


Tubus Pannier RacksDescription: (From their site) The CARGO has been a modern classic since 1988. As the first carrier from Tubus it remains our bestseller: The epitome of reliability, thousands have been manufactured over the years and are still in use worldwide today.

The Tubus racks are by the look and feel build to last. They do really feel rock solid but are still light. I got two set of the Tubus Cargo’s and Ergo’s and they take the weight just fine.

They took a bit of fettling to get them to fit them onto my Surly LHT. Not sure if it was the way they are packed or my first go at this that was the reason for this.

On the front racks I had to spin the “cross stays” around to be able to get them to fit. Which took some time figure out since the manual wasn’t clear about that issue.

The rear racks have plenty of holes and eyelids which makes easy fit able on any bicycle I would think. But also a bit of a fettle to for the very first time you ever fit a rack, just like I did. Because I didn’t know which to use and where it fitted on the bicycle. It didn’t make it easier since I was also fitting some SKS mudguards for the first time along with the racks. Ain’t great fun to build up a bicycle from scratch.

Lucky I had two bicycles to fit these racks onto so when I was fitting the second bicycle it was quite simple since I had some training :)

The tubus rack takes our Ortleib panniers with ease, because of the Ortleib easy adjustable hooks. The racks are just fit and forget. Though I would recommend that you use a wee bit of grease on the screws when fitting them and screw them tight too.


The only gripe I have with these racks is that after one ride, 137mile in overnight. Is that the paint started to fall off half way into the ride, where the panniers hocks onto the racks.

LINK : http://www.tubus.com

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