Lake I/O SDL


Lake i/o sdl cycle sandals I have now used these since May and love them.

I wear them pretty much all day both cycling and walking in them. Since the cleats are set back in the shoe and the way that sole is made. I haven’t worn down the cleats yet, like I did with my Shimano MT40.

They are still nice and warm, with a pair of socks, yeah I have gone totally English on ya. But if I don’t I sweat too much in them. What I like a lot is that they dry fast, though the smell a bit :)

Though as you can see on the image where I have put a red circle, they are starting to break. The seam and the leather is breaking, though are still holding strong.


  1. ho bisogno di comperare un paio di lake bike sandal lago di i/o sdl misura 41. Mi potete aiutare per favore ?. Grazie per la cortese attenzione


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