Ajungilak air pillow from Mammut


air pillowsWe got two Ajungilak air pillows and tested them out for one night and we have a winner.

Yes, you can use a t-shirt stuffed with your spare kit, but it is not the comfiest of things.

At 140g it is probably to heavy for the weight weenie’s but we are looking for comfort and a few more grams would not break the Surlys back.

The pillow is covered in a fleecy cover which you can take off and wash. The inner is a balloon which you blow up with a little straw, that can be a bit tricky a first but you soon get the hang of it. That combo does talk a bit while you are potting your head to rest, but as soon you stop moving it stops talking.

The pillow is nice, big and supportive which is great since you can control the firmness of it.

The bag the air pillow comes in is a bit small so you realy have to roll it up tight to be able to squeeze it in.


Avaliable in any colour as long as it is screaming yellow, not that this is a problem when you sleep.
LINK: http://www.mammut.ch

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