2000 miles


Coratia cycling on surly long haul truckerToday I passed the 2000 miles mark on my little Tank the Surly Long Haul Trucker o/

Why haven’t I listened to others before, kinda kicking myself here, when they talked about a touring bicycle. Because it is such a joy to ride. Worth every penny.

I’m still setting it up, fettling along with the handlebar set up, will post more about that later. And I have just ordered a set of SuperNova E3 Pro, let there be light :)

I got the wheels from a friend who built them himself and they are still going strong. As a part of the deal I got some used Bontrager Select Invert Hardcase 700x35c tyres with the wheels. And I have only had one visit, a nasty little staple managed to find its way through the Hardcase.

I can’t compare if they are slower or faster than other tyres. I do have some Schwalbe Marathon Plus but haven’t tested them. Peli has the +es on Milly and she says that they have a good roll and take the bumps very well. Though she is a few miles short of my mileage, she still hasn’t had a visit, and there are nearly no wear signs on them.

This bicycle have become my day to day commuter, shopping and work horse within a few days of building it and just love getting onto it even if it is heavy and slow. Thanks Surly for making this sofa with four wheels, now where next ?


  1. Funny you should mention touring bikes, I’m starting to realise that my ideal bike is probably the one I used to have, my Dawes Super Galaxy. I love my Specialized Roubaix to bits… as a summer fun bike, but the Galaxy was so much more versatile, bit slow and heavy, but then so am I.

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