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moving house with bicycleI have had this trailer for around four years now and simply love it. It is a TW-Bent trailer which is pretty much the same as the BOB Yak trailer but is called Revolution Cargo Load Trailer and is from Edinburgh Bicycles Coop.

At time of publishing this post it is going at £149.99 though when I got it was £125 :) Which is more than half the price of the BOB Yak. though I haven’t used the BOB I think that the Revolution Cargo Load Trailer does the job just as well.

It has been bashed to bits and is still going strong. I have used it for everything and still get some looks when I cycle around London with it.

It takes a bit of time to get used to as there is the extra length and weight low down, but I can’t say it is anything different to starting to cycling with panniers. As you get used to cycling with both quite fast.

The only gripe I have with it, it is when you are trying to park your bicycle and trailer it is easy to forget that it is heavier and much longer. So it is not just “drop the bike here” before going into a shop, you soon discover that the back is in the way, blocking a doorway etc. Turning the bicycle and the trailer around takes a bit more space than you are used to, but again you soon learn.

Hooking it onto your bicycle is easy with the supplied QR skewer where you hook the trailer to. It takes a bit of time to get used to doing that with a loaded trailer and a rolling bicycle when you are on your own.

It states that it can take up to 35kg though I’m pretty sure that I have loaded more than that on to the trailer. As you can see in the picture above I used it when I moved house and I dragged it after my fixie on my tour in Denmark a few years back. and then there is the shopping.

The bag is a massive waterproof bag, like your Ortleib panniers. It is nearly bottomless – two weeks’ shopping for two can easily be stuffed in there. The pest part is that you can fold the trailer up and put it into the bag and store it under your bed if space is a problem.

A fold-able bicycle trailer that you can’t live without. Easy for cycle touring or home shopping or even a quick house move.

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  1. Neat little review! I’m thinking of getting one of these for shopping/touring but I’m a bit concerned about the clearance with a 700C wheel (32/35C tyres) *with* mudguards. Looking at your piccie, you’ve got 700C wheels but no mudguards and it seems pretty close.

    • Hi, the picture is of my fixed running 700x28c but I have also used the trailer with my Long Haul Trucker which is running 700x35c and there is plenty of clearance.

      You will not go wrong with getting the trailer it is one of my best investments, I have used it for work, shopping, moving, touring etc etc. Had it for three years now and it have paid itself beck many times.

  2. Hi

    I am looking to buy a revolution cargo trailer as I currently have to drive into the city center where I live in Niigata City, Japan 3 days a week and pay for parking which I hate doing of course. I want to transport some inter locking plastic bakers trays full of my home made meat pies and the plastic tray size is 600 mm long x 400 mm wide. My question is will that size fit on the cargo tray of the revolution cargo trailer or will I have to customize the trailer to make it fit ?. If you could measure your trailer and let me know that would be awesome. I can buy them here in Japan online quite cheap but I’m curious about the dimensions.

    Thanks a lot
    Don Speden

    Niigata City

    • Hey it is a good trailer for sure. I can’t measure it since I’m in Chile and it is in the UK. But I know I got it so that I could fit a slap of beer in it (30 cans in a cardboard box). Just remember that it curves at the front so a square area is smaller than the whole loading area.

  3. Hi, I’ve decided that I will buy this trailer but I can’t find where to, do you know any e-shop where I can buy one or does the company that builds it have an oficial website?



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