A review of Brixton Cycles, London, SW9 9TN, UK


Description: Brixton Cycles – Powering the individual for 25 Years and still we roll

Shop visited: Continuously.

One of the most famous bicycle shops in London, people from all over would come from all over. Even I travel 6 and a bit miles to go there even when I got easy 8-10 bicycle shops closer too me.

We have had only good service from Brixton Cycles when we ordered our Surly Long Hall Truckers.

They are run as a workers Co-Op so it can only be good service, what other bicycle shop can you enter and hear Mozart or other classical music playing ?

Even when they are clearly off their feet because they are so busy, they have given me a great service. I have arrived 5min after opening time on a Saturday and there was already a queue! So be prepared for a little wait.

Shop contact:

www : http://www.brixtoncycles.co.uk/
phone : + 44 (0) 20 7733 6055


I really love the sign on the door saying, No manners – No spanners.


  1. What a bunch of FREAKS! I went there to buy a couple of new tires for my bike since I live steps away form them, their cheapest pair where £116!!!! Then I lost my bike Lock and I thought they must have an affordable bike lock, their rigid locks – £89!!!!!! Where the hell do they think they live?! How can they make prices like that! What a bunch of ugly freaks I hope they bankrupt as don’t deserve to own a shop, they should get back on their drugs and grow more hair… Disgraceful!

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