Am I God ?


I fettled a bit tonight and created light.

I had some old front lights and rear lights that for various reasons didn’t work anymore. The Cateye for example had some leaked batteries in it so the terminals needed to be cleaned, which is hard when the Cateye is welded together.

So armed with this little diagram, thanks Bo, I went over to Maplin to get some bits and bobs.

Since I have lend out my soldering iron to a friend of mine and pretty much only have tools for mending a bicycle, the project soon became interesting. Drilling was done with a phillips screwdriver and soldering was a couple twist with the wires and black electric tape. And I cased it all into a older inner tube.

But since this was a just a test to see if it would be possible, I didn’t mind it.

Though soon after starting the project it hit me, batteries is DC and the Schmidt SON dyno hub is AC, doh, but the light still works though they blink rather a lot :) I haven’t had the time to test it out fully yet to see if the capacitor stores light and how fast it charges up.


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