Campsite review of Kamp Rozac, Camp Rozac, Okrug Gornji, 21220 Trogir, Split, Croatia


Kamp Rožac, Camp Rozac, Okrug Gornji, 21220 Trogir, Split, CroatiaDescription: (From their site) The camp “Rožac” is situated on the island of Ĉiovo which is connected with Trogir by a bridge. It is 2 km far away from Trogir and 26 km away from Split. The whole area of the camp is surrounded by a beautiful beach (cca 500 m) and the camp itself is hidden by a thich pine woods. The camp offers many facilities for your active and pleasant vacation; diving school with the possibility of researching the Adriatic sea bed in many localities, recreative, funny and cultural trips (by bus or boat) to different destinations (Fish picnic, Rafting, Dubrovnik, Split, Krka Waterfalls).

Site visited: 13th,14th and the 15h of September 2009.

As seen on the blog: Croatia day 5 : Sunday a day of rest ?

Camp Rozac is located on the island Ĉiovo for which you have to ride over and past Togir to get too. It is around five min ride from beautiful Trogir on it’s own little peninsula with a white pebbles beach on most of it’s south facing side.

We were greeted by not so bothered staff which really lacked the service with a smile.

We found a nice spot on the north coast so to speak e.g. the cheap area since it was not facing south and overlooking the nice beach.

Some of the campsite does overlook the shipyard in Trogir and the not so pleasant sight of two container ships being dismantled. But looking away from that ugly corner this campsite is great and quite pleasant. Plenty of shade for when the sun will baking down on you and your tent.

We spotted a restaurant on the site, which I found a bit pointless when you are spoiled for choice in gorgeous Trogir 15-20 walk away.

There is also an beach bar right at the tip of the peninsula on which the campsite is located. Two toilet blocks, the one we used had a yellow section for the ladies and blue for the gents. But in a swimming pool style and again as we have become accustomed to very clean.

Showers could do without the sensor switch to turn on your shower. No way if setting the heat. The ones that I used was a bit temperamental and would not always switch on when waved at. The dent in the switch proved that it was not just me that was a wee bit annoyed with it.

And I found out another reason for why this sensor system is a bad idea. While I was getting ready for bed a massive thunder storm*) started and the power went, lucky I was only brushing my teeth. And not showering like the two pour souls in the showers and no way of turning on the water to rinse the soap off.

The campsite tried it hardest to have a good service. With a “overflow” information desk next to the reception where extra staff is at had to help you.

But that didn’t work as they had clearly planned since the lack of helpfulness from the staff.

I went to ask for some help to find an address of a bicycle store in Split. I had an address but not a detailed enough map. First I asked how I could cycle into the centre of Split, the answer I got was “you just drive”, erm how do I find my way into Split ? “you just drive when you are in Split you are in Split”. Erm I’m on a bicycle, “well there is two roads the new one and the old one, both very busy”. Ok do you have a map of Split ? “none you can have” and then she showed me a map which was not very detailed and was only of the very centre of Split, a typical tourist trap map. So therefore not good enough for me to find my way to the bicycle shop or past Split industrial area which I worried about. She managed to tell me that I could take the ferry into Split but could not tell me if I could take my fully loaded touring bicycle onto that ferry.

*) I’m typing this in our tent in what I think is probably the biggest thunder storm I have seen and been in. A good tests to see if our tent is as water proof as Blacks says it is.

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phone : +385 21 882 757


The site could easy have received more oinks if we got a little more helpful service, with a smile, and not the I can’t be bothered service we got. Brilliant site though with lots of shade and a very good beach.


  1. Our stay in this camp was the worst experience ever! The camp itself was fine, but the staff was so rude. There was one girl in particular that worked at the front desk that insulted my mother and yelled at her after my mother asked for some help. Also, during our stay we saw the police on the beach questioning people because, as we found out later, the owners don’t have the permits they need for the camp or the beach.
    Keep away!

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