Campsite review of Kamp Rogac, 20232 Slano, Grgurici, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Kamp Rogac, Camp Rogac, 20232 Slano, Grgurici, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Description: (From their site) The camping site is situated on the Kovačević family’s private property in the shade of carob – trees by the sand beach. Attractive for both young people and families with children. It can accomodate up to 70 people. You can enjoy differnet water sports, long walks and bike rides on a 6 km long bikeway by the cost. Situated close to hotel “Osmine” and Dubrovnik the camping site is a good starting point for going out, going sightseeing and enjoying delicious food.

Site visited: 10th of September 2009.

As seen on the blog: Croatia day 2 : marble’ous day

I had a search on the net for a site a short ride away from Dubrovnik and Solon looked like the perfect distance away, 35’ish miles.

We arrived in town and spotted the tourist information, who pointed us to one of the five campsites in the Solon bay.

We found the site a narrow road width away from the beach. The site looked like it used to be someone’s front garden. We found a space after someone told us that the proprietor of the site would come around in the afternoon to book us in.

The toilet block is a funny story, on top of the block there is a BBQ area for you to use with seats etc. If you are a bit prudish you would probably not like it. Because as you walk to the men’s you will walk past the women’s door which is just a fly curtain so easy to see through and the showers have only a small shower curtain between you and the others using the showers. The same goes for the men’s. And here comes the fun part, the doors to the cubicle are normal doors you would use for your front door, complete with key, go figure!

As we were told, the proprietor arrived shortly after we had set up and told us that every thing is ok. She was very friendly and welcoming. This is a highly recommended little campsite!

Contact Site:

www :
phone : +385 (0)20 871 081


A good little campsite and if you are lucky you will get a good view over the bay. And within easy reach of Dubrovnik for a day trip.


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