Croatia day 6 : the a day of dead ends


Well what can I say Croatia do like their bins empty cause we got woken up at six. But since we didn’t have to get up to be anywhere we had a nice sleep in until 10:30’ish. Got up and didn’t pack up for a change and headed out to explore the island of Civic which we are on.

A stop at the supermarket and we hand enough for breakfast on the beach. Boy do some people like to roast in sun we could see 3-4 sun beds taken over but roasting tourist, just laying there adding to the tan.

We cycled on the road as far as we could until we hit the sea, a great spot if you looked at the sea and not what was behind you.

We headed back into Trogir to find our way to St. Something in hope of making a nice loop but we got stuck in the suburb and could not find our way out everything ended in a dead end. We then changed our plans and headed over to the Hotel Trogirski Dvori where we have booked a room for the last night. Because we have a nearly start and didn’t fancy packing up everything in the morning in the dark etc before our fight. So the plan is to pack up at the hotel have a good rest and the kind staff at the hotel will bring us and our gubbins to the airport in the morning in their mini bus.

We went to the hotel to double check our booking and also if they could pick us up from the bicycle shop in Split where we would get some cardboard boxes to pack our bicycles up in. And we got a “yes no problem, what time?” with a smile.


You can just make our red tent out, in the middle’ish of the picture.

We then headed back to the campsite to have a dip in the sea before dinner in Trogir. Now here is where there would had been some more photos of beautiful Trogir at sunset. But I was charging the battery in the toilet while showering and forgot to transfer the battery from the charger to the camera, doh!

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