Croatia day 4 : a bit drafty


We woke up quite a few times doing the night because the wind. But still managed to get a good night sleep. Up and packed and ready to leave by ten past nine, seem like that is our time.

Get up, pack in a hurry, and it will be nine before we are on the road. Get up and take our time, and it is still nine when we hit the road.

As we cycled away from the site the rain started, first some simple drops which pretty much dried as they hit us since it was around 22c already on a cloudy day. And again we made good time and clocked up 20 miles before 11 which also linked up nicely for lunch in Makarska. A very touristy town, I was here on a package holiday with my mum 20 or so years ago. And the promenade hasn’t changed a bit, not even the hotel we stayed at. Only difference was that when I was there last it was the height of the tourist season, and today it was at the sleepy end of the season

As we were eating our lunch on the harbour the rain picked up and it was still going we as we pulled out of the town. As we were plodding up the hill out of town we spotted the first roadie of our tour, then a wee bit later he was followed by an elderly couple. Shortly after that we saw a sole tourer getting into his wet weather gear. The rain wasn’t a problem other than we were getting wet but not cold and it was a nice change to yesterday’s hot hot weather.

While we had a wee snack break, and a wee wee break, we saw two tourers going south, shouting our hallos as they went past. The locals haven’t got used to cycle tourers because we get plenty looks and raised caps as we go past.

As we left Makarska the road was very busy but calmed down right after the turn off to the motorway. The sun tried to get out as we pulled into Omis and we saw yet another sole tourer doing a funny jump off his bicycle as he stopped to take photo of the town.

We arrived at Kamp Caleb around 15:30, pitched our tent and headed to the beach for a quick dip, the beach here was a “sandy” beach, a change to the rocks elsewhere.

After shower and change of clothing we headed into Omis. A very old and small town nice little lanes and plenty of restaurants, that is you like fish and meat. So after a little wander around looking at the sights and menus we found a place that could serve us both. Peli had a vegi pizza and I had a small, modest plate of grilled pork, steak, sausages, chivapacici, pasta, chips and some salad.

While we where eating we were passed by a wedding with music, flag and plenty of guests tarted up to the nines.

And then we went for ice cream. I wonder how the heck I could forget this country’s love for ice cream. The stalls are everywhere and all the stalls are displaying the ice cream in the same way, all heaped up in curvy mounds, like they’re silicon implanted :). You name the flavour and there is an ice cream and it is good and cheap too.

As we arrived back at the campsite we saw the wedding again, by the look of things they are using the restaurant right outside. Kinda glad that we picked a spot so far away from the entrance. We are now in bed while I’m typing this us Peli is reading her book while we listen to the rain on the tent. I wonder if this will continue all day tomorrow?

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