Campsite review of Camp Viter, Miosica 1, 21334 Zaostrog, Croatia

Camp Viter, Miosica 1, 21334 Zaostrog, Croatia

Description: (From their site) With long tradition in tourism and with 12000 m2 surface, we are dealing with 100 camping units. In the shadows of the most wonderful olive and laurel trees you will find peace and satisfaction. Most adorable is the clearest sea where you can see your own reflection if you just take a look from the camp. In the very neighborhood you can find post-office, ambulance, exchange office, drugstore, as well as many restaurants where you can enjoy adorable Dalmatian specialties.

Site visited: 11th of September 2009.

As seen on the blog: Croatia day 3 : border hopping

We were planning to stay in Gradac but the friendly staff in the tourist information told us that the campsite in town wasn’t the best and we should head 7km up the coast to Zaostrog to Camp Viter as that site would be better.

Cycling into the town and the campsite and with the friendly welcome it all looked promising, but when we found the toilet block it changed a bit.

Welcome to the good old grade 2 sandpaper (toilet paper) which is normally in quite a few campsites, but the first and last time on our tour in Croatia. The block was massive, plenty of space but it was run down: one shower had no shower head, toilets were half squatting and half normal, and still very eastern European.

We had a quick look around the campsite and the tents you could rent were just rows upon rows and no room to swing a cat between them. Simply not my style of camping.

Though we did find a nice spot on top of a hill, and the campsite is just across a quiet road from a nice beach. Again with lovely white stony pebbles and clear water.

Contact Site:

www :
phone : +385 21 629 190


Taken a bit back in time, but great and friendly service, with a pretty beach across the road.


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