Where are you …


… sleeping tonight?

We had a nice sleep in, because of Peli’s folks arriving late in the afternoon. And in their car would be the last bits we needed for our hike up to 2400m.

Peli’s dad gave us a lift up the La Glere, well as far as his car could take us up the gravel track. And then we started to walk up the valley.

There is a small railway line running straight into the mountain, Peli’s dad did see a little engine on it last year. But no one is quite sure where it goes and what it does.

We passed the Refuge de la Glere, which had a very full terrace, and Lac de la Glere.

We had planned to camp there for the night but the place we wanted to use already had a tent pitched, and we didn’t fancy having neighbours when wild camping, so we plodded on into the Neouvielle National Park, a beautiful area of the Pyrenees with views up to the Pic de Neouvielle at over 3000 metres.

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We slept roughly here, link to google maps. At the Neouvielle lakes, enjoying the sunset with millions of biting bastards, oh well it is well worth it.

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This is was our view out of our bedroom for the night, over Lac det Mail (one of the Neouvielle lakes) at 2400m, according to the GPS feature on my phone.


We found a nice little ledge to pitch our tent, right out of the wind. We had to put the tent right on the edge so that we had some space to move around. There was a drop of 3-4 metres and we either had to climb above the shelf to get to it from the right or come from the left along the rocks.


I’m still so amazed how easy tents are to put up now of days, this Black Octane 3 tent is a brilliant bit of kit and so easy to pitch. And I’m so happy that we spent a few extra bobs on the Exped mats, because we did lay on some stones and a not so even and hard surface.

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The temperature did drop a bit as soon as the sun started to dip, but never under 10c I’m sure. It just felt colder because we were tucked up in our Alpkit sleeping bags and were snug as a frog in a sock.

I will now bore you with a few sunset pictures, but even these pictures do not show how amazing the sunsets was.


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Wrapped up in our sleeping bags we sat and looked at the stars. It was still light until midnight, while down in Bareges at 1250m it was dark soon after 20:00. The longer we looked the darker it got and the clearer the stars got. Sorry for the lack of photos of the stars but our camera can’t take photos of the stars that would do any justice to how amazing they were.

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