A review of Sport Loisirs Diffusion, 65400 Argeles-Gazost, France


Sport Loisirs Diffusion, 1 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 65400 Argeles-Gazost, France, Bicycle Sales VTTDescription: Bicycle Sales France. Charly opens his shop doors on the roundabout in the middle of Argelès-Gazost. He is proud to offer his clients, who are enthusiastic about all types of biking, only the best.

Shop visited: Summer 2009

As seen on the blog: A good start …

My thread on my left crank arm broke, and Rob at Les Sorbiers took me down to Sport Loisirs Diffusion to see what they could do.

They did have a left crank arm in the right lenght but not the right fitting to the bottom bracket. So the mechanic said that he could fix the thread. We where a bit worried that this would take some time, and I will miss out of a few days cycling while waiting.

Not to worry said the mechanic, if you go and have a coffee for 20-30min, I will have it done for you today. As he would just let Chutney jump the queue, simply brilliant service.

We came back around 40min later, and everything was just fine. 20.50 euros for a new thread, some drilling and some glue/cement and the crank arm is as good as new. I just had to let the bike rest for a night to let the glue/cement set proberly.

The shop it self does not have a lot of stuff, but what they got is some very nice gear. Mainly road bikes, well it is the home of Le Tour, and mountain bikes (VTT) since it is in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Shop contact:

www : http://www.argeles-pyrenees.com/anglais/commerce/sport-argeles-vtt.html
phone : + 33 (0) 5 62 97 55 78


Beautiful and quick job. Good and friendly service. And they let me do some queue jumping. So full board on the oinks.


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