Readers of this blog …


… will know about me and my tyres by now.

I managed to hunt down some new tyres for my Dahon Speed Pro TT o/

I had a look at the Schwable Durano and they felt just way too thin and flimsy, really didn’t feel like I could trust them to keep the fairies away.

So I went for the Continental Sport Contact with SafetyGuard, 20″ x 1 1/8″ (HS 28-406). They look and felt much more solid that the Durano, and had a great offer of a free inner tube and one year guarantee in the deal.

I managed to put them on the wheels after a bit of fighting, must remember to take my time and not rush it, because I will end up snapping a tyre lever.

And because of the free inner tube deal, I did not get any extra. And while fitting the tyres I found out that the valve is schreda not presta. Which I find quite weird, you sell a thin road bike tyre for small wheels, and you do not use presta valves ?

Here’s hoping that the SafteyGuard lives up to what they should do and I do not over heat the rims on these long downhills. As here in Southern France 20″ is unheard of.


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