Colne Grand Prix 2009


As part of the Pendle cycle or bike Fest 2009 (they are not sure what to call it when you search the net for it) yesterday we saw the Colne Grand Prix 2009, circuit road race.


The peloton zooming past, in the warm up race.


An early retiree, technical reason we were told.


The peloton trying on the last lap to catch up with the leaders.


And the winner is …


I could do this couldn’t I ?


The winner got £100 and some flowers, I must say there was a lack of podium girls, and Peli didn’t fancy going up.

Winners in the support Race:
1. Lewis Craven, Herbalife Wheelbase
2. James Farnaby Crosstrax
3. Jeremy Robinson, Crosstrax


A Rapha team member, having a chat and a rest before the main race.


All lined up ready to go,if you click on the link below and see all the pictures you will see that someone cheated and went before the bell.


The peloton zooming past.


The winner zooming past followed by the rest and his brother (in the white tour leader top) in 3rd place.


Winners in the elite race:
1st Place – Russell Downing
2nd Place – Rob Hayles
3rd Place – Dean Downing


The winner being interviewed by the commentator. Who was on form, well worth going to your local race to just listen to him, he made us laugh quite a lot.

More details about the race on British Cycling website :
More photos here :

oops I forgot the videos …
YouTube – Colne Grand Prix 2009, 1
YouTube – Colne Grand Prix 2009, 2
YouTube – Colne Grand Prix 2009, 3
YouTube – Colne Grand Prix 2009,4

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