A review of Local Bicycle Shop, WeBike, 2720 Vanløse, Denmark


WeBike, Kastanie Alle 20, 2720 Vanløse, Denmark, cykler, bicycle, road and mountain bikesDescription: Bicycle Sales in Copenhagen, Denmark. Specialise in road and mountain bikes. They even got their own team so do look out for them.

Shop visited: August 2007 and June 2009

As seen on the blog: Living in a box

A lovely shop if you are looking for a new road or MTB bike, some very nice gear in there. A massive lower floor with plenty of bike p0rn and a upper floor full with cycling clothing and chaning rooms.

The shop is kinda hidden, my host in CPH had lived on the street next to it for 4 years in 2007. He only found out, that there was a bicycle shop there, when I arrived home with 2 empty bicycle boxes

In 2009 the staff provided us, with a smile, some empty bike boxes to pack ours in for the flight home. But do come early, or call first, because they had already compressed the empties into a small block of cardboard when we visited the first day.

When I visited in 2007 to do the same, e.g. get a empty box, they did not have said machine and was told yeah do grap a box less work for us at the end of the day.

Shop contact:

www : http://www.webike.dk/
phone : + 45 70 22 99 31

Well they would get 5 oinks, if I only had to rate them on empty bike boxes. But since I haven’t used their service to the full, I can’t give them full oinks. But I’m sure that I will be visiting again since I do goto CPH quite often with my bike.


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