Open letter to Schwalbe


As you might have seen I have had my fair share of a moan about these tyres. 1200 miles. And then I spotted this recall which I just had to write to Schwalbe about.


I just saw the recall you have for the Schwalbe ULTREMO R tyres. The problem rings a bell to my tyres.


This is what Dahon said about the tyres on their website.

Dahon Special Edition Schwalbe Stelvio, Mango/Black, 28-406, foldable Kevlar bead, DualCompound Silica casing, RaceGuard anti-puncture protection, 120 psi


I have done just over 1700 miles on them over the last 11 month, they have brilliant grip and are very fast, not scared at all going around corners at speed and you can really lean in.


But when it come to keeping the punctures away they are no better than soft Swiss cheese with holes. It’s not much use, that RaceGuard. They have simply been cut to pieces, and I only ride on roads on these tyres.


The numbers of flats I have had on these tyres is unknown, because I have given up counting. Every journey I now do on these tyres I count in extra time for a “break” to fit a new inner tube.


In the last 100 or so miles the tyres have started to wobble/kick very hard at certain speeds, and I take it that is because of the kink in the tyres. I know for sure that my brake block hasn’t touched the tyres, because that is one thing I’m scared of especially because I rely on them when cycling in the Pyrenees.


I have some old (4 years) Specialized Armadillos (700c x 28) which have done over 6000 miles and I think I have had 1 or 2 flat, and one of them was a nail that lodged itself in the rim.


These pictures are just from the rear tyre. The front tyre is also cut to bits, but yet have to develop a wobble and kink.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus evolution (26″ x 1″), probably the best tyres I have, have done over 2000 miles and have had no visit yet, but got two quite big cuts in them but are still going strong. And I have not been shy with these tyres, I’ve ridden trough some nasty stuff with them.

Still have to try out the Schwalbe Marathon Plus (700c x 35) which I only got because of what I read about touring tyres and have tried with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus evolution.

Now I just hope that the Schwalbe Stelvio with RaceGuard (20″ x 1″ 1/8) I just got are better and do not suffer from the same problem. Because I could not find any Marathon Plus’ or Specialized Armadillos in that size.

I got a reply …

Hello H

Many thanks for your mail, most interesting. I am surprised that you have been able to obtain the 28-406 Stelvio as they have been discontinued and been replaced with the new Durano, we even have some of the Special Dahon Mango coloured version on stock.

Kind Rgds


  1. I tried Scwalbe Blizzards once, 1/2 dozen punctures in a month, never used Scwalbe since. I believe the saying 'One mans meat…..' applies to tyres



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