Living in a box


Our last day of our holiday started nice and slow, with a good breakfast and tea and some basic chilling out.

We went over to the local bike shop, Webike, to pick up some empty bike boxes to pack our bikes in.

Last minute snack before we had go to the airport. Dead easy on the Metro in CPH only 25min door to door.

Georg Jensen’s bling bike on display in CPH airport.

At the airport I had my last hotdog of the tour and we failed to find a Danish for Peli, but then again she should have enough in me :)

We got on the plane on time, and arrived in Gatwick on time, and found our bikes but no compressed air. Back home just after midnight and very tired from all that traveling but happy after a well needed holiday that we enjoyed very much.

3 miles ride back home in London, even late at night it was a wake up call for us, totally different from Denmark.

Today’s non ride was sponsored by WeBike in CPH. Located just around the corner from where we were staying. A lovely shop if you are looking for a new road or MTB bike, some very nice gear in there. And the staff provided us, with a smile, some empty bike boxes to pack ours in for the flight home. But do come early, or call first, because they had already compressed the empties into a small block of cardboard when we visited the first day.

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