For 10 years or so I have been chatting and emailing with Mr. Owl. And every time there had been a change to meet up, something had come up and we didn’t make it.

But this time we finally made it and Mr. Owl made his way down to Copenhagen for a day touristing about.

The city hall in CPH.

Lucky the day was a Danish holiday and the weather was hot, hot and hot so all the local was either BBQ’ing in their back garden or on one off the many beaches around Copenhagen. So we only had the low season tourist to worry about.

Old and new together.

Walking up to the Danish parliament.

The grand tour took us via the main train station, the main square, city hall, the parliament where we could walk right under and through it, before a quick beer in Nyhavn.

King something of Denmark

A family cycling around and into the parliament.

War memorial under the parliament.

A sole demonstrator outside the parliament.

The stock market.


Sailing boat “parked up” next to the Royal palace.

The Royal Palace.

Then we made our way over to the royal palace but didn’t get to wave to the queen since her flag wasn’t up. Then we went to the biggest tourist trap in Denmark and went, “Is that it, it’s so small” along with 100+ others, well it is in the name … The Little mermaid.

Sad sight :(

Old street in CPH.

After that we found a pizzeria and a take away to Rosenlund Park in the shade, for a nice break.

Rosenlund Slot.

After that we headed over to Runde Tårn (The Round Tower), an observatory tower build by King Christian #4 who also pretty much build the rest of Copenhagen, such as then Parliament, stock market etc. Yes I know it was not him that pulled up the sleeves and got his hands dirty, but it is his name on all the buildings. Runde Tårn was build so that the King could ride all the way up to the top in his horse pulled carriage.

This is hot wader, when Peli said “he must be boiling in this suit” he gave a thumbs up to her, so we gave him some coins for an ice cream.

n we went via Stroget, the main shopping drag, back to the main train station where we started.

It was great to see you finally Mr. Owl.

8 miles ride and around 4 miles walking, boy does that hurt when you are only used to ride your bike.

And then back to Bam’s for a brilliant BBQ in the garden with his neighbors.

Today’s ride/walk was sponsored by Magnums Temptations. A new flavor from Magnum. What can I say, advertising for ice cream on the hottest day of the year, so far, WORKS ! So after many miles walking around town, we gave in when we saw the 6th poster, ok ok ok after the first poster :) It was good but when you are hot and have walked many hours in the sun you want an ICE CREAM not a little taster on a stick.

More photos here …

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