A swinging rest ride


We had a bit of a lie in today, I was more in the mood to just be lazy. But Peli’s nagging got me up and after breakfast we headed out. The original idea was to cycle to Roskilde along the national cycle route 4.

With the help of Bam the night before I had a general idea where that route were, find number 9 and it will take you to number 4, but where did number 9 start ?

So we just headed in the general direction and hoped for the best. After 30min or so riding Peli spotted on the other side of the road, a sign saying number 9, so we where on our way. Number 9 follows the old fortress wall around CPH so the ride was again on perfect cycle lanes and tracks.

After another 30min riding we found the national cycle route 4, that told us that the cycle route would be 38km to Roskilde instead of the 17km on the A-road.

We ended up at Ishøj strand and had a go on the swings before we had our lunch on the beach.


Even with a shot of the highest grade EPO that you can find on the free market, read 500ml of chocolate drink, I didn’t have it in my legs to ride all the way to Roskilde and back, so we decided to cut the days ride short.

Though still we managed to clock up 28miles in mostly sun and tail wind back.

Today’s ride was sponsored by Bam’s cooked rice. I do not know how he does it but when he does the rice is namnamnam and I can’t have enough. Bam, you know what you are cooking here when you visit the next time :)

More photos here …

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