Wind mills and BBQ


Was an very early start as we wanted to squeeze in a quick ride before we headed over to CPH. So me old man gave us a lift out to Nibe, a small fishing town 30km west of Aalborg.

Again a very sunny day though we had a head wind for most of the ride. We followed the fjord back to Aalborg, we passed many of these winged spinning around things which is scattered all over Denmark. This lot is nothing compared to the 2 old ones that used to be in the neighborhood, as they were biiiig.

And these windmills are old and didn’t make much noise. So compared to the new models I can’t see why people complain that much about them. When they are so good for us and this little rock we call home.


This poor horse got woken up when Peli went hypersonic when she saw it sleeping.

We headed strait through town and I showed Peli a little hill which I have only managed once on a geared bike. Frydendalsvej at 11.2% is the road that runs parallel to this is one, so I’m pretty sure this one is the same. But it have a nice little kick the last 20 meters which makes it harder than the other one.

Peli did give it a good go, top girl, while I just stood and took pictures of her attempt, lazy git. She came to a halt at the point where the kick starts which by coincidence is where a long time family friend lives and whom also arrived home at the same time. So after a quick hello and catch up we headed back to my folks for early lunch.

Aalborg main train station.

After lunch we made a some sandwiches and headed to the train station for yet an other 5 hours on the train, what the heck happened to the “lyn tog” the IC4 they have talked about for years over here.

The route out to Bam where we are starting, went over one of the steepest hills in CPH, Valby Bakke at 4%.

We arrived at my mate Bam’s place for a lovely BBQ in the sun before we went to Tivoli to try a roller-coaster or two. We enjoyed a traditional Danish ice cream with lots of guf, read sugar.

And we finished the night off with watching the light/laser show over the lake.

Today’s ride was sponsored by Gammeldags is. This is an ice cream severed with either 1,2,3,4,5 (or even more) balls of ice cream, and then topped with Guf (read sugar) and a fløde bolle (a chocolate coated egg white ball), as you can see above it take skill to eat but still namnam :)

More photos here …

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