Picking up some new bike bits …


… across town.

Friday is my normal day off, so after a pit stop in Victoria to have lunch with Victoria, I headed across town over to Kiwi Cycles to pick up our 2 new crank sets. Coming tru’ the City right after lunch, it was a good time to just pootle and people watch.

Everyone just dressed to impress, to just sit inside a office block, running around … I must get there before this and do that before I get to go here there every where… oh the joy of working outside and have the time to relax.

I could see that the tourist are out in force, when I went past of London’s traps, I wonder how many pictures that ever have been taken of say St. Paul.

Even managed to get to a mate and sat and chatted for a few hours about this and that, before heading back across London just after rush hour and while the sun was setting, nice.

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