Million Dollars Ride


We managed to talk Bam and his son Kev, into joining us for a ride. Of course we picked the hottest day of the year so far, 25c, to do the ride in.

We decided to head up the coast, past many of the wonderful beaches in CPH and past where people with money to spare live.

Just pumping some more air into the MTB tyres on the bike Kev was riding, a bike we borrowed from Bam’s neighbor.

View over the sea towards CPH, bridge to Sweden and the wind mills.

Seth enjoying the fresh sea air and the sun.

If you strain your eyes you will be able to see the two towers to the right of the picture of the nuclear power plant in Sweden, that many people in CPH wasn’t so keen on when it got build.

We cycled trough Dyrehaven, a big park to the north of CPH. In the park there is one of the oldest theme parks in the world and also the home of the oldest wooden roller coaster in the world.

We arrived a bit too early so we didn’t get to have a go. My knees were very happy for that, because it is not build for someone who is 6’4″, and the last time I was on it, it was fun but very painful.

In Dyrhaven, you can rent a horse carriage for a wee ride around, we didn’t have too since we were on our iron horses.

At around 15miles out we stopped for food at a marina. I know that Kev was well hungry and in need of some food. Because that burger didn’t last long :) It was Kev’s first ride over 20miles I think he said and he was a bit tired when we got home.

We then headed home the same way as we got there, with the wind in our backs.

Thank you Bam and Kev for a great ride. I still can’t believe that you, Bam, are going to be a Grand Dad, good luck to your daughter and your grand child, I’m very happy for you.

36 miles in the hot sun and tail wind all the way back.

Today’s ride was sponsored by Sultan Once. A suncream that you apply once and works. We tested out the factor 15, if you are light skinned you need too apply quite often and don’t expect it to keep you from burning, if in the sun all day. The Extreme factor 40, on the other hand can easily be called portable shadow. Though I tend to sweat much more when I use it, it is like it is a total block for sun, win and sweat. So I had a problem with getting suncream and sweat in eyes, but hey I didn’t burn after a whole day in the hot sun.

More photos here …

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