A trip down memory lane


My best mate from way back when joined us on a ride around town where I used to live and go to school.

We set off from my folks house and headed south and then up one if the steepest hills in the area, Nøvlingbakken at 3.1%, to get to Gistrup, where I started to go to school and kindergarten.

My old school in Gistrup.

While at the school, we saw a class going out for a ride in the good weather.

We went past the old house where I grew up which didn’t look like I remembered and also where I learned how to ride a bicycle and had my first major crash, still got the scar ;)

Forgot to take a picture of this major junction of my life ;(

We then headed over to an other old haunt of mine and where I meet my mate Bo for the first time all those years ago. We passed my old home, the school (arrgghh) and his old home. Before heading out to Hesteskoen where we spend many summer days doing nothing, I can’t really remember what we did out there but just that we went there.

The next bit of the ride was a bit boring as it took us through an industrial part of Aalborg. But we soon cut through one the campuses of Aalborg Technical University we Bo and me spend some time trying to learn stuff.

We went past the house my granddad built, the new owner had done a “changing room” on it e.g moved the main entrance, removed the garage and painted it blue and given it new roof and removed the big tree I used to play under.


And then we went via my grandparents grave, a nice and simple stone, miss them.


A Brooks on an old Boneshaker outside the bike shop where I spent a lot of my paper round money.


Peli enjoying her lunch.


It is unfortunately that only a very few roads in Aalborg looks like the town did many years ago and lucky these streets are now protected.

The pregnant house is still getting bigger by the year(s).

My other grand dad painted these streets years ago as how he remembered them and you can see that in the pictures they are not far off now.

A slight zigzag around town took us up and over an other steep hill in town, Skansebakken at 5.9%, before we got to Lindholm Høje. A Viking grave site, and the settlement nearby is the first record of life in Aalborg. The settlement around 1500 years old and the first use of the towns name happened around 750 years ago.

Then back to the harbor where they are also building like no tomorrow and over the bridge out to the marina, the navy museum and another marina and ferry port over to Egholm a small island with 50 “odd” inhabitants.



After an ice cream stop, you just gotta, since it was so hot and you are on your bike. We headed over to the highest point in Aalborg via the poss part of town, Hasseris. Mølleparken is used as a open air arena in the summer, I just wonder how the animals in the zoo next door handle 20.000 singing along to the “summer plague” that is climbing the chart that year.

Then we headed strait home, again pass areas that used to be a field of empty space but now just full of new builds.

Ain’t it great to have a nice cold beer in the shade after a long day in the sun riding. As my mate said after I asked him if he fancied an other cold one, “well the first just evaporated on the tongue, so I better” ;)

37 miles of memories flushing back.

Today’s ride was sponsored by mum’s homemade ice cream. A few of you have tried my version it, even if I have to say it myself, mine is pretty darn good, but of course no way near my mum’s. This one had M&M’s in it and was namnamnamnamnam :)

More photos here …

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