Ortleib Panniers Set


a review of the Ortleib Pannier set, Ortlied Bike-Packer Plus, Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus, Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus PannierDescription: (From their site) With its classical lid closure the waterproof rear pannier Bike-Packer Plus allows fast access to the bag’s interior. An internal double drawstring snow flap provides additional protection against dust, humidity and snow. A fixed inner pocket with main compartment and zippered mesh pocket helps organising items inside the bag.

As seen on the blog: Label : Ortleib

I will split this review up into a few bits, first the Handle bar bag, then the front panniers and last but not least the rear panniers.

Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus (handle bar bag)

First lets just bad things out of the way, what is the point of the lock on these ? There is no way I would leave my valuables on my bicycle in a handle bar bag that can be easily opened. And then there is the spacer or room divider what ever you want to call it, to make some compartments for you stuff. Brilliant idea, until you start cycling and everything get shaken about and every thing falls to the bottom and the spacer crawls upwards.

Now to the good news, I really love it, I can have my bits that I need quickly and easy accessible. Such as my passport, camera, tickets and above all my map. Oh yeah also the chocolate bar, snacks and all the odd small bits that can’t really go anywhere else.

I just need to figure out a way to make some compartment that work an don’t back the bar bag one big hole where everything wants to lay at the bottom

woolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratings

Ortlieb Sport Packer Plus Pannier (Front)

These bags are brilliant, does what it says on the tin, keep my stuff dry in worst of weather. We use it for our Alpkit SkyeHigh 800 Sleeping bags, as they just fit nice and snugly inside. And best of all we know that our down sleeping bag will be dry after a long day ride in the rain.


woolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratings

Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus (Rear)

These bags just olds everything and keep it dry, well until you put something wet inside, doh. The only gripe I have with panniers in general is that they tend to be one bag, one hole for everything.

Which took some time to get used to, you just use plastic bags or the like to split your gubbings and make things easier accessible. Though the Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus have a compartment on the outside, which I use a lot, one got my book I’m reading plus a first aid kit. The other got my rain jacket and cap e.g. my wet area. I also added to these bags the Ortlied Outer Pocket (large ones) for which I have my tools in one and my toilet bits in the other.

woolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratings



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