In search of a cup of TEA, Part II


Saturday the 25th.

We slept until the rain woke us up in the early am, it continued for around 2 hours before it started to die out. The tent kept the water out and we woke up nice and rested around 8am, these down mats are soooo worth it.

We cycled for around 20min before we arrived at Headley for our brunch at the deli. I was served a sausage, bacon and egg butty and Peli had a cheese and pickle butty both with a salad that in themselves could have fed a starving cyclist after a loooong ride, read 4 miles ;)

Fueled up we headed out again and arrived at Mayfair Farm Stables, where Peli could do some horsing around. This little ride was my birthday present to her, which I tried in vain to keep a secret. But even with her knowing what was on the agenda she was all smiles and bouncing around as a bouncing thing, so I think I made the right choice ;)

Setting of for our next long ride, 2 miles, to the next camp site we took a wrong turn. But the 50 yards detour was well worth it as we came upon a ice cream factory.

Meadow Cottage Farm, makes their own ice cream, milk and cakes. Their brochure states:

“The Farm Shop once described in “Harper & Queen” as “little more than a wooden office” is, in fact, a extremely up-market garden shed”

While we where digging into our Butter Toffee ice cream we were watching the tender steps of a less than two days old foal. For some reason it had taken a liking to stones and was happily nibbling along on them, just as we were with the yummy ice cream.

Arriving at the Mellow Farm Adventure camp site (their red site) we saw a big field with five other campers plotted about. We were greeted by the proprietor of the site(s) and were shown to our pitch. Which was very easy, anywhere where the grass had been cut.

The red site is part of a few others on the farm, this one you are allowed to have a fire and there are clean portaloos and one tap with running water.

We pitched our tent again in what seemed to be no time, and then relaxed for a bit with our books and kite.

The proprietor told us to go left, then right, then left, then right and then we would see a sign for the Blue Bell pub. I had the steak and mushroom pie with mashed potatoes and Peli had the grilled mushrooms with salad and chips.

We got directed to the local corner shop, 2 miles away, where we got snacks and stuff for breakfast.

Riding back we enjoyed some very beautiful, rolling and quiet country roads and a stunning sunset.

It is just after 20:30 and we are already very tired*). We managed to clock up 20 miles as we came back to the camp site, life as a long distance tourer is hard work ;)

*) Peli did moan that her legs were killing her. I can’t understand why, as she only been sitting on a horse all day…

Though we have now been to two pubs and a café on our tour we still haven’t found that cuppa we set out to find.

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