In search of a cup of TEA, Part I


24th of April.
Work, rush hour and aiming to get a train out to our destination in one go meant that we took off at bit late. And the Great South whateveritiscalled trains had a 5 minute delay one stop before ours. Boy ain’t that annoying when you just wanna get there!

After a short ride out of Liphook we arrived in the dark at the Deer Hut pub, which has a little camp site attached.

As we were parking up at the pub a gentleman stepped out of the pub for a smoke. Had one look at us said “You camping?” “Yes please,” we said.

“I might not look it, but I am the owner” he said with a smile as he showed us to our spot.

Eleven other groups were already there but we got a side paddock all for ourselves separated from the others by a tall hedge.

The site has a toilet, one for the ladies and one for the gents and one 20p hot shower. Pretty much all you need when camping next to a pub. A little noise from the A3 and I think Gatwick, but that was nothing compared to what nature could muster, at 4:30am.

I’m still well surprised on how easy this camping malarkey has become. Arrive at station, carry two bikes and a trailer up and over the tracks, cycle 2 miles, pitch tent, pump beds up and being in the pub ordering food less than 30min later, and we were not rushing at all.

The food was served after the kitchen had closed, which was very nice. We had to wait a little before we got the food, since the chef had to put the kids to bed first :) We didn’t mind at all cause the wait wasn’t long and two plates with veggie Kiev and Lincolnshire sausages served with chips and salad was very numnum and hit the spot.

We then retired to our tent, and had a good old sleep.

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