The dry run (cycle in Croatia)


We are planing to fly down to Dubrovnik and then cycle up to just north of Split to a town called Trogir along the coast, as our dry run in September for a week.

Though the tent will be tested out next weekend, and we will be doing a few S240’s before hand to test out the bikes, panniers and mats.

I was in what was called Yugoslavia 3 times around 20 years ago, and absolutely loved it. I pretty much got the route, well there is only one way up the coast along the water, it can be busy. I have read many write ups on, and everyone who have done it do not see it as a big problem. I do not think we will have any problems with finding campsites on-route, from what I can remember they where like pearls on a sting (ok well basic, but flat and runing water with a hole in the ground in the worst case) but and also it will be in the low season.

We will take around 4 days to cycle from Dubrovnik to Trogir around the 50miles a day and then spend 2 days in and around Split, Trogir and island hop to Hvar. The first stop is just south of Dubrovnik as we arrive in the evening and want to spend the morning in Dubrovnik. Next stop is just before we head into Bosnia-Herzegovina for 12km or so :) Then the next 2 days will be a bit long but that should get us right up to south of Split. We will head strait tru’ Split to Trogir, I spend 2 summers near there with my old folks and we fell in love with the place.

I just hope that 20 years and a war haven’t ruined such a good memory of a beautiful country and people. Oh and then there is the food yumyumnumnum :)

Anyone knows a bike shop in Split, I have tried to search but no cigar ?

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