I got a Brooks …


… behind, me.

Well after a lot if hmm and aahh’s we went and got some B17’s and yesterday they arrived.

I have read a lot about the miles of pain that we should endure before the bliss, so I cheated.

Various sites talked about bringing a mallet to it, proof hide, water etc.

I then soaked them for around 30-40min and then gave it a layer if some majic stuff I got. From my friends in Denmark. They work with leather everyday, some of you might have seen their handy work, the stuff they have will soften and water proof the leather.

I jumped on the bike this morning and with in 3 miles I had dimples and it was just nice and soft from the word go, over bumps etc.

Though I might have to tilt it forward a wee bit as it does press a bit where I do not want pressure.

Looking a the dimples I now know that my behind is not centered, though I wonder if it is because I’m putting my left foot down that often here in London.

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