A quick ride to Windsor …


10 of us went out to Windsor, on a cold day. Well it was cold at the start in Richmond Park, but as the day moved along it became nice an warm’ish. With a quick cup of TEA (Traditional English Ale) in Thames Court, Shepperton, on the Thames around 15 miles out. We arrived at the other pub (which name escapes me atm) 45min before the time we had booked the table for lunch, but we got served and had a wild pie and mash, yum yum.

We arrived in Windsor, but decided that it was best to head strait home, because we feared that light would be gone if we stayed for a hot chocolate or ice cream, our regular snack upon arrival in Windsor. 2 of us decided to take the train home while the rest of us cycled back.

Arrived home just after 17:00, so 7 hours and just shy of 60miles of fun, and enjoyed some chips and hot chocolate, yumyum :)

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