Better braking

dahon cable

So in an attempt to get better braking on Chutney, I cut down the generous Dahon cable routing. Front brake by 2.5″ and the back nearly 6″. I haven’t tried it out on road yet, but there is clearly much less movement/give in the cable and it feels like it is “biting” much better. Tough while fettling around I found out that my front break cable was a little bit frayed.


And when I pulled out the cable it was like a cork screw …


Never seen that before in my fettling career, after a little looksee I think I figured out what caused it. The cable outer is coming out of the handle bar and is going into the shifters at an sharp 90 deg angle with strait lines, not a rounded/smooth/curved angle. Which I also think is the reason for the fraying and some lack of braking power, I have to do some more fettling to see if I can get that routing in a softer/smother angle.


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