The Bah Humbug Ride


Top ride indeed, 35miles’ish with a little detour over to Wycoller.

This is Peli on the Packhorse Bridge at Wycoller.

There was a wee bit of ice on the roads and plenty of other cyclists out for spin and we were lucky that the car users had decided to go shopping in the sales instead of annoying us on the roads.
4 and a half hours, with pub stop and a detour, no we didn’t get lost, we decided to go and see Wycoller and the ruins of Wycoller Hall which is rumoured to have been the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Jane Eyre, since Andrew and Steve had never been there. Other than being a bit cold the weather did leave us be.

I had to walk up 5 of the hills because …

1/ I had indulged in the xmas spirit in true by being lazy, eating and drinking: cake, chocolate, beer, chicken, ham, mince pies, tea, chocolate, beer, mulled wine, christmas cake, oh trifle? Don’t mind if I do :)

2/ couldn’t get into my granny gear since Dirty Pia was living up to her name and was very mucky (not that would have helped see point 3 and 1)

3/ Dirty Pia is not built for very steep hills so the front wheel kept coming off the ground. The only way I could keep it down was by leaning that far forward it became impossible to ride.

Here is Peli cutting the cake, outside!, with the blunt end of a spoon (we had to nick it)
Oh and a final note : don’t bother with this pub Pack Horse Inn, Widdop, West Yorkshire, HX7 7AT, as the staff are very rude. Would not let us borrow a knife to cut the cake we bought in their establishment, and didn’t serve tea at all !!! A Yorkshire Pub NOT serving tea ? :-0

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