1200 miles


Well I have now passed the 1200 miles mark on Chutney, and all I can say I love to ride the Speed Pro TT. Great fun, fast and I do not get any pain in my shoulders or my back when riding around, on long and short journeys.

The only thing that is letting this bike down big time is the rattling noise it makes, I have tried to tie down lose cables with cable ties and soft rim tape in hope to stop the cable outing rattling against the frame. Boy does the “talk” when going around town, but then again she is a woman Smiley

And then there is the tires “SCHWALBE Stelvio Light TIRE- dahon special edition”, they have brilliant grip and are very fast. Not scared at all going around corners at speed and really lean in. But when it come to keeping the fa***es away they are no better than soft Swiss cheese with holes in then. Folding Bicycles and Folding Bicycle Accessories by Dahon

A RaceGuard Belt provides puncture protection: it consists of two carcass layers, between which is sandwiched a virtually impenetrable rubber compound.

My arse !! Lost count on how many I have had (was it 2 or 3 over the weekend) the tires are simply cut to pieces, if they where in a different shape they would be a great sieve.

So yes do get this bike it is worth it, such a great ride. Just be prepared to get some different tires and brake pads, before you head out.


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