Peliroja shows Woollypigs her lumpy bits, Part XII


Our surprise attack on the Tourmalet failed Sad

Pretty much every day we have headed out on a ride down the Tourmalet (2115m) and disappeared into the hills for a day’s riding. But today we were planning to surprise the Tourmalet by going down the mountain and then, about turn, right away up it. See the Tourmalet will never see that coming! Our sneaky attack went well all the way up to Bareges, @ 5miles up and 1250m, with a good speed and fewer stops to re-fuel than before.

But, just after Bareges, the Tourmalet must have got a whiff of what we were planning to do, and started to lay out a thick fog to cover its tracks. @ 9km and 1450m we had a tactical stop and re-fuel, discussing our options, and decided to continue our attack. But shortly after that meeting we had to beat our retreat since the fog had become too thick to penetrate on a bike without lights.


This is when it was clearing up on the way down.

So we are now back at HQ with tea and biscuit, just like true Brits, and thinking what Churchill would have done in this dark hour.

Only a tad over 13 miles done in 1 hour and 20 min.

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